The application of linen in the field of health care

2021-01-22 10:44:15

Scientific testing proves that flax products have significant antibacterial activity, and the antibacterial rate against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans and other international standard beads can reach more than 65%, and the antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus beads is higher. More than 90. The fragrance of linen has good antibacterial properties, and it has many health attributes such as dust-free, which is naturally loved by the medical industry. Xinshen Group and Donghua University, the domestic medical field experts to carry out strategic cooperation, in-depth development of the multiple attributes of medical linen, will be widely used in the medical field in the future.

According to experts, linen is the most ideal medical and hygienic material because of its natural hygienic properties. While designing and developing medical linen, it will start from the softness, antifouling and antibacterial of linen, and make various indicators. While meeting the medical standards, we will carry out in-depth research and development in other aspects according to the medical needs of different grades and grades, and form the advanced customization of medical linen, not only surgical gowns, medical masks, medical sheets, quilts, etc., in the medical field, When it is necessary to use materials such as hygiene and bacteriostasis, linen can be well qualified for such tasks, so that doctors and patients can get better medical services from a healthier environment.

In domestic hospital bed sheets, medical equipment coverings, surgical gowns, white coats, etc., these must have good sanitary fabrics to achieve the most satisfactory results, and linen plays a good health guard in the medical field. character of. Because it has very strict requirements for sanitary cloth: it prevents bacteria from invading, does not stain, has good moisture absorption and permeability, can not be dusty, does not have static electricity, can be sterilized, and has certain strength. All of the natural linen fiber woven linens fully meet the above conditions and can be directly applied to the medical field through technological treatment. It is no wonder that linen is widely used as a sanitary material in Japan.

Nowadays, not only in Europe, the United States and Japan, but also the domestic medical industry has begun to set off a "linen fever." Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the function of flax is similar to human skin, and it has natural functions such as regulating temperature, protecting skin, anti-virus and antibacterial. This is also an important reason for the heat of medical linen caused by the combination of Chinese and Western medicine. At the same time, the domestic textile company represented by Xinshen Group is also actively pursuing innovative research and development of professional medical linen in the medical industry to continuously meet the demand for medical linen in the domestic medical market. Give people more green, environmentally friendly and hygienic medical treatment environment.

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