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2021-01-22 10:45:49

Anji Xinsheng Textile Co.,Ltd. offers 1.5inches--130inches wide Jute Burlap Fabric,Various kinds of Jute Burlap Tablecloth,Multi-purpose Jute Burlap Bags, our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier , we devoted ourselves to  Jute Burlap many years,  Excellent service and Competitive prices offered all the year around. Join us ! 

Burlap Products includes the following:

1, Jute /Burlap Fabric (1 inches--130 inches width ) 

2, Jute /Burlap Bags (shopping bags,sandbags,gift bags,agriculture bags,wine bags)

3, Jute/Burlap Ribbons( 1 inches--20 inches width ) 

4, Jute/Burlap Runners(round,square,rectangle)

5, Jute/Burlap Sheets(any color any size acceptable)

6, Jute/Burlap Mesh (any color any size acceptable)

7, Jute/Burlap Placemats (any color any size acceptable)

8, Jute/Burlap twine (any color any size acceptable)

9, Jute/Burlap banner (any color any size acceptable)

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